I'm Nick dnobfreelanceivoL. I'm a contract front-end developer and interface designer.

I make things with HTML, Javascript, CSS, SVG and PHP.

I work directly with businesses or with agencies. You can hire me to design and build web sites, or interactive design patterns and prototypes.

My ethos is to make things simple, as opposed to the simpler task of making things complicated. I like unambiguous, concise, intuitive interfaces.

I started out professionally by making 8-bit graphics for video games. And I've also made a lot of mixtapes. So, I'm totes au fait with all submerging technology :)

I'm based near Manchester, England.

Sorry - I don't do Wordpress themes. If your need a small CMS then it's Perch for the win.

Client feedback

I've worked on several high profile websites in various sectors (eCommerce, University, Public Transport, Corporate) either as a designer or as a front-end dev. Below is feedback from some recent clients. Contact me for examples / URLs.

My dev kit

Work station:Mac OSX, Dell Ultrasharp IPS, Logitech M185
Mobile kit:iPad, InkPad, Textastic, Logitech K480
Coding tools:Sublime Text, Firebug, Stackoverflow
Project tools:Git Tower, Fire FTP, Sequel Pro
Image tools:PS, AI, PNG Quant
Boilerplate:jQuery, JQuery Easing, Spin.js, Bootstrap CSS
Task mngt:Any.do, Trello
Testing:Browserstack, Litmus

Hipsters! Feel free to add your recommendation to my list...

Development process

If you don't already have a process in place for your project then my suggestion would be something like this...


Firstly, we establish what you need. You may already have the visual design nailed down and want it faithfully converting into a functional device-responsive website. No problem.

You may also need some usability design expertise ...


Typically, we'll start by allocating time to research, interrogation, ideas development and visualisation. Ultimately, I'll produce a solution in the form of detailed visual designs that will then inform the development.

If interaction design (and conversion) are critical to the business then you'll be wanting to go deeper into the design process ...

I recommend an iterative design approach that combines design and front-end development in the form of a working prototype, where each iteration informs the next, uncovering nuances, opportunities and challenges that designing independently does not. You can include user-testing in that process too.


I'll set out the requirements and development tasks into a simple contract. This means we know when the project is complete and what your development costs will be. I also set out development milestones to provide opportunity for you to approve the work in progress. And you'll have access to the work at any time via a Git repository.

Contact me

I am currently booking work for November 2016 so please get in touch...

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